My Priorities


I will support the elimination of the carbon tax and fight to lower the existing personal and corporate tax rate. Alberta needs to have a competitive tax rate to increase economic activity and private sector investment in the province.   

I will fight for investment in our riding for vital infrastructure that will improve the lives of citizens, commuters, business, and industry.

I support the development of our oil, gas and mining sectors. Energy demands are increasing, and with the third largest oil supply in the world, Alberta is in a unique position to supply that energy. Alberta has developed our oil and gas sector responsibly and the world needs to know that we are a viable and ethical supplier.

I will support and advocate to return to a balanced budget in a reasonable manner. The current debt will exceed $50 billion this year and is projected to be near $100 billion if the NDP complete another term. This costs taxpayers billions every year in interest and we cannot allow this reckless spending to continue. 

I support a robust education system that maintains options for parents to choose what kind of education option is best for their children. 

I will fight to keep our electricity supply abundant and our electricity costs low; we cannot follow the Ontario Liberals disastrous plan.

I will stand with Albertans in the fight to get a pipeline to tidewater to help grow our economy.

I will fight to reduce crime in our communities and advocate for victims.

UCP Memberships