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Brad Rutherford United Conservative Party


My principles and integrity guide me through everyday life, with my family, my friends and at work. My parents taught me to be respectful, polite and accountable. My life experience taught me to be loyal and dependable. My work as a police officer has combined all those attributes where I respect the people that call on me for help, I am honest with them and do anything I can to put myself between them and the problems they face. Integrity is at the core of my job and without it, I could not be a police officer. That’s why I can say with confidence that my integrity is not questionable and I can be counted on to make the right decisions.

I believe in the grassroots of the United Conservative Party. I have met many members of our new party and I am confident in their ability to maintain a policy handbook that will guide MLA’s and the government on the direction that should be taken. This policy book is a document that represents the collective will of the party members and must be taken seriously.

I believe that an MLA should take the time to know how each constituent wants to be contacted, how they want to receive news and how they want to participate in our democracy. In 2019 the new UCP government will be busy, lowering taxes, stabilizing health care costs, balancing the budget and so much more and whenever they are working on a bill or debating in the legislature or committee, I want them to know that your opinion matters. The constituents of Leduc-Beaumont come from all backgrounds and experiences and it is those experiences that should be heard and learned from. Your firsthand knowledge will be the key to learning how to make our government better and how to make it provide the same level of services at a lower cost.  

The United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney said that "Alberta is an idea". That statement was one of the most profound of the campaign. It makes one think for themselves what Alberta means to them and where they want it to go. For me, I want the Alberta that allows free enterprise to flourish, where regulations balance the concerns of citizens but does not burden business with meaningless red tape and oversight, where taxes are flat and fair, where a balanced budget is a right thing to do and borrowing is the last resort, where the streets are safe and we protect and enjoy the environment we have been blessed with.

Being an MLA is not a job for someone who believes they know it all, it is not for someone who believes that they are better off being heard then listening or who no longer respect their constituents.

Being an MLA is about reaching out to constituents, opening the channels of communication, having thoughtful discussions and always being ready to listen and learn. I believe that many of the answers to today’s problems are within Albertans and the constituents of Leduc-Beaumont.


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