“Having served Leduc as a councilor for 13 years, I have a unique perspective on people seeking public office. I can say with confidence that Brad is committed to serving the constituents of Leduc-Beaumont. He knows the value of listening and taking the time to understand the problems we are challenged with.

Brian and I are excited to see Brad stepping up to run in the nomination and are proud to support someone who has integrity and ethics."

Dana Smith,

Former 4 term Leduc City Councilor


"I am confident that Brad will put the needs of constituents first, because he has consistently shown that he cares about everybody in our community. Brad displays great personal integrity, and will always strive to do the right thing, however difficult that may be.

I am looking forward to working with Brad when he becomes our next MLA."

Martin Stout,

Town of Beaumont Councilor


“Brad has shown me that he is a strong leader and dedicated to the constituents of Leduc-Beaumont. He has shown an ability to bring people together to accomplish a common goal. I am proud to support him on becoming our next MLA.”

Christie Bergman

Beaumont Business Owner


"Over the last number of years I have been truly impressed with Brad and his dedication to this province and constituency. As a serving member of the police force, he understands the challenges Albertans are facing. I'm supporting Brad in his nomination. Reach out to learn more about Brad Rutherford. I know you will be impressed!"

Clarence Shields

Leduc Business Owner


“I met Brad several years ago and was immediately impressed with his drive, energy, and commitment to the people, the projects and the communities in which he lives and works.

I believe that his vision, passion, and pursuit of excellence make him a worthy candidate to support in the upcoming United Conservative Party nomination!"

Pat Klak

Longtime Leduc Resident


“Brad has been involved in our community for years. He has shown that he is committed, honest, and a hardworking member of the Leduc- Beaumont constituency.

He is a great listener and understands the needs of our prosperous community. I believe he will work very hard for this constituency as our MLA.

This is what we need: a young, family-oriented individual for Leduc-Beaumont. Please support Brad, you will be doing the right thing."

Irene Steinke,

Longtime Leduc Resident