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Brad.jpgI am a United Conservative Party member because like you I believe in less government and stronger communities. It's hard work and free enterprise that makes this Province great and each Albertan deserves an equal chance to succeed. I have served communities in Edmonton as a Police Officer for nearly 10 years and learned that communication, honesty and respect are crucial to building a working relationship with anyone or any community.

"It's hard work and free enterprise that makes this Province great."

I am the past President of the Leduc-Beaumont United Conservative Party Association and the current President of the Edmonton-Wetaskiwin Conservative Association. The work is important to me as it is my way to help ensure that a conservative candidate is elected in the Provincial and Federal riding. I am active with organizing events, chairing board meetings and working on and reviewing policy for each party.

Anyone can help in their own way, some are directors on the local boards, some volunteer for campaigns, make donations, hold party memberships or share their views with friends and families. Each person chooses their own way to participate and it is important to know that it all helps.

If you want to know more about what the constituency association does or talk about local politics please don't hesitate to reach out.

Electing a United Conservative Party government is crucial in 2019 and that's why when the nominations open in the riding Leduc Beaumont I will be putting my name forward to be your candidate.

Lets work together for a stronger Alberta, lets return the Alberta advantage!

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